Golden Wood handles the purchase and/or processing of raw material. Our privileged group of industry-leading suppliers ensures that each order is fulfilled according to the highest standards (quality, delivery times, prices, etc...).

Custom Products   -   High Volume   -   Exceptional Quality

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Products Available
Hardwood Alder Cherry
Ash Gum, Black / Red
Aspen Hard maple / Soft
Basswood Oak, Red / White
Beech / Euro Beech / American Beech Poplar
Birch, Red / White / Yellow Red Alder
Elm Walnut

Softwood White Pine

Exotic Wood Mahogany
Spanish Cedar

North American Wood Logs
Other Woodtypes Available on demand
Finished Products Available Rough Wood, S2S, S4S, SLR, Fixed Widths, Fixed Lengths, Flooring, Cut Stock, Panels

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Golden Wood Advantages

By doing business with us, you benefit from our remarkable flexibility.

  • As an intermediary, we are closer to you and better understand your needs.
  • We offer a full line of products thanks to our vast supply network.
  • We satisfy all requests quickly, because customer satisfaction is the key element in all we do.
  • We can offer you random quantities as well as uniform products.
  • We are backed by over 25 years' worldwide experience.

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Order Process
  • Phone, fax, or Internet order from customer or through sales rep.
  • Stock in inventory or purchase of requested material (rough).
  • Warehousing and thorough inspection of product.
  • Grading of product.
  • Processing at sawmill according to request specifications.
  • Preparation of product (drying, end-cutting, surfacing).
  • Packaging according to destination.
  • Planning of local and international transport.
  • Shipping of product.
  • Follow-up by sales rep, if necessary.

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Results That Speak For Themselves

With an average annual income of $7-10M (CAD), Golden Wood generates a volume of transactions reflecting its excellent reputation and continued growth.

Our full line of North American products is recognized worldwide and maintains the highest standards of quality in the industry.

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Industry Grading Certification

The timber and lumber industry is governed by strict regulations and standards for grading certification. These rules cannot be ignored; it is therefore essential to know all the implications.

Published by the National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA), the Sales Code and Inspection Regulations handbook describes in detail all regulations and standards in effect. The information contained in this document will help you put together your order more precisely for faster and more efficient processing.