The success of Golden Wood is founded above all on the expertise of Richard LaRocque, Director of Sales and Production, with over 25 years' experience in the timber and lumber wholesale industry.

Worldwide Markets:

Canada   -   USA   -   Europe
Middle East   -   Asia (Taiwan and Hong Kong)

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Career Dedicated to the Love of Wood: Richard LaRocque
  • Learns about the industry at a very young age, at his father's sawmill
  • Acquires training as a Class A grader-measurer
  • Completes courses related to the wood industry (forestry engineering, sawmills, etc...)
  • Manages entire business, including sawmill and dry kiln operations, staff, as well as sales and financial activities (10-20M BF)
  • Develops and manages international import/export division of business and of major manufacturing company specialized in finished wood products
  • Forges alliances (or agreements) within a vast network of suppliers, put together over the past 20 years, in order to fully satisfy all requests
  • Works with a highly-qualified team of experienced sales reps who handle orders and manage the distribution of finished products worldwide

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Rough Wood Wholesaler

Established since 1981, GOLDEN WOOD (born of the recent merger with Im Bois Ex) acts as an intermediary between the manufacturer or distributor and the sawmill.

Our vast network of contacts and suppliers allows us to follow your request, all the time and as quickly as possible.

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Flexibility, Efficiency, and Speedy Delivery

Golden Wood adapts to your requirements to offer you diversified products, custom-made, to match your needs.

We can satisfy all specific requests, whether relating to dimension, color, quantity, uniformity, or product composition.